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100% Botanical Oils of Almond, Peppermint, Spearmint. 100% all Natural Product

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Breath Refresher GumRX is used when bad breath is present. We also recommend the breath refresher spray be used with the maximum to aid in the process. Breath Refresher is a spray that you can use whenever your mouth feels dry, or you are concerned about bad breath. Use 1 to 2 sprays coat inside of mouth then either expel or swallow. NOTE: If you have dry mouth or Halitosis you may be interested in trying the Original GumRX as a toothpaste replacement. Keep product away from eyes.

53 reviews for Breath Refresher GumRX

  1. Gene T.

    It keeps my breath fresh all day long.

  2. Henry Gordon

    Long Lasting Breath Refresher. Love it!

  3. Mary Jo

    This Product Is A God Send!!!
    I am 56 years old and had been smoking since I was in my twenties. For years it never bothered me when my breath smelled like an ash tray. That is just one of the many casualties of smoking. But once I quit smoking I noticed my bad breath. People would back away when I spoke. My own grandchildren told me ” Nana your mouth is stinky!” Well I went to my dentist and he said all he could tell me to do was brush more times a day and carry mouthwash with me. That just frustrated me beyond belief. So I began to search through the Internet to try and find something to at least cover up if not end the smell of my “stinky mouth”. Then I found GumRX, and I am very excited to say that I no longer have to stand at a distance when talking. I have been using it for almost 6 months now, and I don’t think I could go a day without it. It may sound a tad bit clique to say this but I’m going to anyway…. GumRX has changed my life!!!! I am not afraid to smile anymore. Thanks GumRX

  4. Anna Pickler

    It’s difficult to find a breath freshener without sugar or sugar substitute. Thankful to find this one that is refreshing and works.

  5. Cary Ridge

    I was very self conscious about my breath. I was scared of talking to people and socializing. I used to cover my mouth when I talked. This product is Fantastic! My social life did a turn around as soon as I started using GumRX Breath Refresher Spray. I am not covering my mouth when speaking. This product changed my life.

  6. Ronny R

    I am a college student and have classes sometimes for consecutive 2-3 hrs, I carry GumRX Breath Refresher Spray in my back pack. It is just what i need for the long days in class. And it is good when i have an interview, sometimes i chew gum and forget to spit it out then struggle to hide it while talking, but with this product is worth a try, i highly recommend it.

  7. James C

    Love the quality of the product. It made me feel like I just brushed my teeth when I use it inbetween brushing. Makes me feel very confident when I talk to my students.

  8. Butch C , Australia

    One spray is all you need. Love the taste and how it makes my mouth fresh and moist between brushes.

  9. Honey Peterson

    It works on contact. Love it!!!!

  10. Foxy – Durham NC

    Morning Breath it was a big problem for me. My husband and kids where not coming around me until I brushed my teeth. It bad breath got so bad that I was brushing 4-6 times per day and using mouth wash. With gumrx I brush 2 to 3 times per day and use the Breath Refresher Spray thru the day. My family was so impressed they started using gumrx.

  11. Italian Food Lover – Trenton NJ

    As an Italian I eat a lot of garlic. Love garlic! But my friends and family hate me as even if I brush the garlic smell lingered until I found Gumrx Breath Refresher. A couple of sprays and the garlic smell is neutralize like kryptonite. I am very glad I found your product.

  12. M Callahan – Los Angeles CA

    Kiss me. Kiss me now. Do I have to say anything else? Love it

  13. Nancy G – Middleton OH

    Clean breath. Refreshing great taste! Love it!

  14. D Tribuzzio – Grand Rapids MI

    I fast and on my fasting days I feel my breath is horrendous and my mouth is dry. I discover Breath Refresher Spray GumRX is magic! With few sprays my mouth smells and feels fantastic! Fresh minty and moist. 5 stars

  15. Thomas D – Pooler GA

    This product works! I can’t Live without it. It eliminates odors like garlic or onions. I am Latin and eat lots of garlic and onions in my food. This products do not mask the odor but eliminates them.

  16. Jonathan R – Bowling Green KY

    Don’t assume you have good breath. Use Breath Refresher GUMRX to have a good refreshing mouth all day long.

  17. KB Johnson – Lansing MI

    I am no longer in fear of talking to people and feeling uncomfortable because my Halitosis. My breath was horrendous but since I been using Breath Refresher GumRX I am in control of my breath and not scared to be close to people.

  18. John N – Omaha NE

    I have very bad morning breath. My girlfriend was so turned off by this that she started doing research about morning breath. She came across Breath Refresher Spray Gumrx and ordered. It has been 3 days since I started using it. To my surprise it Works! I used it before going to bed and first thing when I wake up and WOW she is not afraid of talking to me or kiss me in the morning anymore. Thank you GumRX you help my breath and my love life.

  19. Renata D – Albany NY

    Really good product. It refreshes your mouth between meals as well as moist and promotes saliva.

  20. Ralph P – Eugene OR

    I am a food critic and when I am not eating I am in my computer writing about my experiences. Guess what… my breath was horrible until I found GumRX breath Refresher. Now I can do the things I am passionate about without being concern about my mouth.

  21. F Aycock – Montpelier VT

    I am a teacher and I suffer from Halitosis. Bad breath is a problem as I teach 15 years old that will not hesitate to call you on your bad breath. I can not use gum in class as I do not allow them to chew gum. So GumRX Breath Refresher Spray. I keep it on my desk and spray before class. It last a long time. My grade is 4.0 Excellent !

  22. L Floyd – Charleston WV

    This product it is my favorite. I give it 5 stars because you do not have 10. I do not need a mouth wash anymore. No alcohol and no sugar a plus.

  23. Nate K – Casper WY

    I am a smoker and I very self-aware that I may have ashtray breath. This product is wonderful. It refreshes and promotes saliva. My mouth feels like I just brushed and I am not scared of talking to people.

  24. Van A – Juneau AK

    Kills bacteria that causes bad breath Highly recommend GumRX Breath Refresher Spray

  25. Stefan G – Huntsville AL

    GumRX Breath Refresher spray gives long lasting freshness to your mouth. I creates a barrier killing bad breath germs. Lovely product

  26. Candy K – New York NY

    Healthy and Natural Way of getting rid of Bad Breath

  27. Barbara R – St Cloud MN

    One Spray is all it takes to for your mouth to feel like you just brushed.

  28. Chloe C – Lancashire UK

    My mouth gets so dry sometimes that I feel I have cotton balls inside. I just started using this product and I love it!

  29. Randal K – Nashua NM

    Halitosis can be embarrassing especially when you work in closed quarters with another person. I am a Theater student and sometimes I have to come in close contact with another actor. I was always self-conscious specially since sometimes I can’t take a break. Thanks to GumRX and Their Breath Refresher I am always ready for a closed up.

  30. Logan R – Waterloo IA

    Stinky breath is a thing of the past due to this amazing product.

  31. Jonathan W – Rapid City SD

    I am smoker and I am telling you this product is Superb!

  32. Adaiah H – Amherst MA

    one Spray and you got a clean, fresh feeling.

  33. Grace A – Augusta GA

    fresh breath all day long with a spray pump !

  34. Rocio H – Bend OR


  35. JP Gordon – Peoria IL

    bye bye garlic breath!

  36. Hilary J – LeMars IA

    I am a heavy coffee drinker and a smoker. Love GumRX products

  37. Violet V – Grove City OH

    this product is great when you have Halitosis

  38. Theresa K – Ranger TX

    I never go on a date without Breath Refresher Spray GumRX

  39. Brandy P – Reed City MI

    love the minty taste.

  40. Blanche H – Bangor UK

    Muah! let me kiss you

  41. Paola T – Miami FL

    self-confidence starts with your mouth and gumrx

  42. Rock Star – Exeter UK

    Ladies, look out. You will love to kiss me

  43. Lola W – Dublin GA

    What good is to have a beautiful smile if you have bad breath. Can’t leave with out this product.

  44. Tatyana G – Grand Ledge MI

    Strong enough to kill onion breath.

  45. Gerardo P – Greenwood MS

    Fresh, moist, clean that is how my mouth feels thru the day

  46. Rachelle D – Chester UK

    Fresh, moist, minty, confidence booster

  47. Karen J – Windle UK

    Fresh and clean just plain refreshing breath

  48. Oscar F – Minera UK

    Refreshes and moist my mouth like no other.

  49. Dianna R – Morgantown WV

    Refreshing and minty

  50. Valerie A – Crieff

    Kills bad breath like thonder

  51. Kandy G – Hull UK

    It last a long time

  52. Trisha M – Naperville IL

    My mouth feels moist and refresh

  53. Maritza G – Muskogee OK

    I was in a meeting yesterday and ask my coworker for a mint or gum and she handed me gumrx breath refresher. i am in love i just order cant wait to get it. it made my mouth so moist and refreshed

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