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100% Botanical Oils of Almond, Peppermint, Spearmint. 100% all Natural Product

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Maximum GumRX is used when gum disease, receding gums, gum, bone, periodontitis, and periodontal disease may be present. Maximum GumRX is a toothpaste replacement, just two drops on your toothbrush instead of toothpaste will help aid in advanced oral disease. When you use this product you may notice that your mouth may produce more saliva. This is a good thing. Saliva helps to keep your mouth healthy, your gums strong, and your breath fresh. NOTE: We do recommend using the Breath Refresher spray during the day. Keep product away from eyes.

57 reviews for Maximum GumRX

  1. bart

    great product thanks

  2. Angie G


  3. Raquel V

    Strong product to kill bacteria. It works like a charm!

  4. Caroline Vargas (verified owner)

    Few drops makes you feel refresh and you can feel it working on your gums.

  5. Laraine in Queensland Australia

    I promised I would give a report to you after my 12 monthly appointment so here it is.
    Let’s not forget the fact that I had major gum surgery last March. The gum disease happened so quickly, whether it was due to bad health or what, but it was bad. I had deep pockets in all my gums and the surgery was a necessity. I had a quarter of my mouth (teeth) scraped severely, (2 HOUR APPOINTMENT), once a week for four weeks. After I had all that done I was given strict cleaning instructions, electric toothbrush, brushes for between the teeth and floss, which would have taken 15 minutes twice a day, this was to ensure no plaque returned, otherwise I would have been back in that dentists chair yet again. So I did what I was boringly told to do!!
    After a month, my gums had recovered enough for me to have my amalgams replaced with white fillings. I had to get rid of the mercury out of my mouth.
    Anyway, one day I was on the net and thought about my gums etc, etc, and wondered if there might be something somewhere out in the web that might make keeping plaque away easier……well, guess what? I came across All Natural GumRX. This product sounded too good to be true, but being an alternative treatment fanatic in regards to staying healthy, I ordered some Maximum GumRX. I started using it straight away and three months after surgery, (mind you I had only been using GumRX for a month), I had to visit the Periodontist. He checked and called his nurse over to see how the gums had healed so well already and how well I was cleaning them. She said “I have never seen gums recover that healthily only three months after surgery ever before”, the Periodontist agreed and said “you must be spending at least 15 minutes 2 or 3 times a day to have your gums looking that good, well done”. Of course I said yes, because it was too early to mention the GumRX.
    Anyway time went by and 6 months after the surgery, I went to my own dental hygienist. She was equally amazed at the healthy new gums. I still didn’t tell her about GumRX.
    So now to the final and incredibly amazing part. I had my 12 month visit after surgery last week and the Hygienist was staggered. No gum disease at all she said……….wow, in 12 months I have gone from chronic gum disease to none……….I am just so happy.
    I am worried to tell her about your product because the TGA, are so strict in Australia, and if she reported to them that this product was coming into the country and could be detrimental to her profession and income, we might not be able to get it into the country at all. So I told her I had read a mixture of Peppermint, Almond and Spearmint essential oils were extremely helpful for warding off plaque and that is what I have been using since surgery. She was amazed and said she had never heard of such a mixture and never seen the sort of recovery in such a short time.
    Of course I will keep buying from you and advising friends to use GumRX forever. I would never risk mixing my own formula of essential oils.
    Thank you Trusted Natural Care, this has changed my health all over. As they say Healthy Gums….Healthy Body and it is true. kindest regards

  6. Brandon Serres

    My sister just got married two days ago. She was literally a mess for about 8 months before her wedding (like any new bride would be). Mostly stressed about wedding type things, she called me one night hysterically crying. After the water works ended and she calmed down I asked her “What is the biggest thing bothering you right now?” She replied to me that it was her teeth and gums. She said that she was afraid to smile at her own wedding out of fear her teeth and gums would look not up to par. See my sister has always had red and damaged gums because she had braces as a young girl for many years to correct her crooked teeth. And once the braces were removed her gums have never been the same. So that very same night I went on line and googled “stop bleeding gums”. And up popped GumRX. Without telling my sister I ordered a bottle of the Maximum. I brought it to her and explained how to use it. Well to make a very long story short she called me from her honeymoon tonight crying and said “Thank you so much!!!! I just know that all of my pictures will be beautiful!” She is ecstatic about the results. Thank you very much to whoever made this product! You have made my little sister the happiest woman in the world. I would suggest this to anyone and everyone who came to me with a mouth related problem.

  7. Nicole V

    I am a 38 year old female who has gum disease and receding gums. I went to the dentist and she told me that I need extensive treatments, and that it would cost $5,000.00. I left her office crying. I am a single mom with three kids, I can’t pay that, but I want to save my teeth. I thought there was no hope. A few days later I called my brother who is in the military and asked him what I should do. He said he would get online and look for me to see if there was something out there that could help. While he was online one of his officers came by an asked what he was looking for, he told him about me and my problem and the officer said My wife orders a product on the web for her Gum Disease let me call her. Anyway, my brother calls me all excited to tell me about this product on the web for Gum Disease. The product was Maximum GumRX. Well I couldn’t afford it but my brother had already ordered it for me and said it would be at my house in three days. I have the BEST brother! The product came and I used it for 2 months then went back to my dentist for a checkup. My dentist checked out my mouth and said, I see you have seen another dentist and begun treatments. I said NO I haven’t seen anyone. She then asked well then what have you been doing. I told her about Maximum GumRX. She was stunned. She told me to continue using it because she could see a big improvement in my gum disease and receding gums. I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for your product. and to Thank my Brother publicly for his help and support.

  8. Tamara M

    Last year I spend over $1,000 plus at a “traditional dentist” for one of my teeth in front with a severely receding gum and massive gum infection, a round of antibiotics, and a cleaning, the infection came back within a month. I ordered and used this product, and WOW. Just WOW. AMAZING product. Got rid of my infection and my gums are growing healthier than ever.

  9. Vicky B

    After having dental work done my gums got infected. I was prescribed antibiotics. I finished my antibiotics but even thoe it got better the infection was still there. I ran into this product Maximum GumRX. I decided to give it a try. To my surprise the company has a very good customer service line. I follow all the instructions and today my gums are healthy and I am free of pain. By the way I love the free Breath Refresher Spray.

  10. Olivia Carmona

    I have no dental insurance. Last year I paid almost $800 just for a cleaning. I hated everything about it the cost, it hurt my gums, my gums where very sensitive afterwards and I was told I had periodontal Disease. My 85 year old father told me to try his toothpaste. I was skectical as it was liquid instead of a paste but tried it and WOW! I felt this product working inmidietly. It is a gum superheroe it feels like it is killing bacteria on contact. No alcohol and not sugar was a plus for me. It has been a 1 ½ year since that visit to the dentist and more to my surprice it was a regular cleaning and I was given complements on my healthy gums.

  11. Lemuel G

    I am smoker and I use to get really mad at my sister because every time I saw her she will complaint about my bad breath. Nine months ago I lost a tooth to gum disease due to my smoking. My neighbor told me to try Maximimum gumrx with the Breath Refresher. Totally Sold! This product is a miracle cure. Not only my sister loves my breath but my dentist explained to me that my gums are getting healthier and that I should not be loosing any more teeth. Thank you GUMRX!

  12. Petrula M – Madison WI

    GumRX has a complete Oral care system. I use Maximum with the Breath Refresher Spray what a wonderful dynamic combo. My mouth is very grateful

  13. Mary N – Austin TX

    As a female I can spend money on clothes and my hair. I never thought of oral care. To me it was secondary and non-important until my gums started getting swollen and irritated. It was painful. My dentist told me I had periodontal disease and the ramifications of this disease. I did my research and decided to go with Maximum GumRX. The reasons why I decided to go with GumRX are #1 all natural product – I can actually pronounce the ingredients #2 100% money back no questions ask #3 They gave me a free Breath Refresher #4 I had nothing to loose and a lot to gain. Today I can tell you I will NEVER EVER be without this product again.

  14. Stacey W – Denver CO

    When my dentist told me I had periodontal disease I panic. I am young! I thought that only happen to old people. No, it happen to me. I brush, I floss, I go to the dentist but I still got periodontitis. I don’t like intrusive procedures and I am always trying the healthier way. I tried GumRx and I really recommended, it cleans, sanitizes and restore my gums back to normal. Buy it, try it, you will not regret it, I promise.

  15. Caroline P – Mesa AZ

    Maximum GumRx is the toothpaste for you if you have gum issues. My mouth feels and looks healthier and I am able to eat foods that I was not able to eat due to the gum pain that it causes. Hands down the best toothpaste ever.

  16. Will O – Bakersfield CA

    Big difference in a couple of days using Maximum GumRx. This is the most effective toothpaste I used for my Periodontal Disease. Very Refreshing!!

  17. Monica C. – Wilmington DE

    I used the Maximum GumRX with the breath refresher spray and I can tell you that it kills bacteria even when I am eating. The best part is this company does not test on animals.

  18. Roger T – Lebanon PA

    My dad lives in Arizona he is 86 and lives on his own. We were talking one night about how I was diagnose with Periodontal Disease. He got up and gave me a bottle of Maximum GumRX. He told me that he is been using this toothpaste for years and he has a very heathy mouth. I tried it and WOW I am hooked. Love it!

  19. Becky M – Augusta Maine

    Very Impressed! Great taste feels like your mouth is super clean. I use the Maximum with the Breath Refresher and is a dynamic duo.

  20. Bubba M – Jackson MS

    I had a tooth that was loose due to my receding gums. I used Maximum GUMRX 3 times a day and few times a day between meals I used the Breath Refreshing Spray and apply the toothpaste with a Q-tip directly into my gum by the tooth. With in the first week I could feel my gums becoming stronger and my teeth being stronger.

  21. C Boat – Concord NH

    My gums got swollen and started bleeding about a year ago. I looked and looked but did not find anything without fluoride that was strong enough to fix my gums until I found Maximum GumRX. This product is all natural, no fluoride, no SLS and the best part is that it works.

  22. Elan M – Mandan ND

    As I am aging my teeth are decaying. They are getting loose but thanks you Maximum GumRx I got a hold of my Oral Care Health and two years later my mouth is healthy.

  23. A Cliff – Greenwich UK

    I know Gingivitis is a common Oral Disease but my gums are swollen and I bleed when I brush. I love Maximum GumRX it took me a little to get use to the liquid tooth paste but now you could not pay me enough to use any other toothpaste. Extraordinary product.

  24. A Shepard – Milwaukee WI

    This product kills bacteria on contact keeping a tight seal between your gums and your teeth. No bacteria healthy mouth.

  25. Jax P – Atlanta GA

    I go to a Natural Dentist and he recommended Maximum GumRX. It is the only toothpaste for me. I use it and my dentist told me my mouth is healthier than ever I am 50 but he told me my mouth looks like I am in my 20’s. I love this product.

  26. B Johnson – Jackson WY

    Maximum GumrX left my teeth clean and shiny. My Breath was fantastic thru the day. GumRX is Top notch.

  27. Chantal M – New Haven CT

    Maximum GumRX is a Game Changer in Oral Care to have a Healthy mouth.

  28. Clay A – Bakersfield CA

    This toothpaste has great qualities like is Natural no chemicals or fluoride that can affect my health in so many other ways. It works like a charm. It took me few times to get use to the fact that it is a liquid tooth paste as I been using paste all my life. My mouth appreciates this product. Thank you Maximum GUMRX

  29. Shar W – Black Country UK

    Maximum Gum has no questionable ingredients. And works fantastic with the Breath Refresher Spray they sent me.

  30. Nicola K – Paso Robles CA

    Maximum GumRX with The Breath Refresher Spray is a great combination. I highly recommend both products is cleans and I can feel my mouth producing more saliva which is also a natural way for a Healthy Mounth

  31. M Strickland – Wellington NH

    Strong taste but not overpowering. You can tell is killing bacteria on contact. Loves and protects all day long specially if you use it with the GumRX Breath Refresher Spray.

  32. Gordon P – Stillwater OK

    Maximum GumRX works underneath the gumline killing bacteria helping regenerate gums. Recommended

  33. Eldo P – Olympia WA

    this product is a killing machine of bacterial, plaque and tartar. The hero of gums. WOW a customer 4ever

  34. Jewels L – Bangor ME

    Very easy to order online and shipped quickly.

  35. A Gime – St Paul MN (verified owner)

    My dentist recommended this product to repair my gum line. I absolutely think this is the best product ever.

  36. Heidi C – Hettinger ND

    I am very hard to impress I was looking for a toothpaste that keeps your mouth fresh and clean. Must toothpastes do one or the other but not both but Maximum does both. I am sold

  37. Amber Z – Roswell NM

    Marvelous Toothpaste !!!

  38. M Marinez – Durango CO

    It works all day and keep my teeth super clean and super healthy.

  39. Silvia D – Marietta GA

    this is the best periodontal treatment I ever had. Love the taste and pain free

  40. Alexandra M – Mobridge SD

    My doctor told me I have Periodontitis and I needed a deep cleaning and it was very vary painful. I started researching for alternatives to this procedure and I found GumRx and it changed my world.

  41. Natalie H – Athens GA

    After brushing my mouth feels refresh and sanitized. I feel my periodontal problems going away every day with every brush.

  42. Kay M – Gatlinburg TN

    I started to used this product few months back and my dentist love it. Big positive change in my oral health. Thank you

  43. May D – San Francisco CA

    I am writing because I was very surprise how this toothpaste works with all natural ingredients. Nothing artificial like other toothpaste that contain antifreeze it is crazy. Love Maximum GumRX and my gums are happy.

  44. Andrew K – Ely UK

    Great buy! you can feel it working on contact. Great product

  45. DIL – Salford UK

    Maximum GumRX I really like like like you.

  46. Cameron T – Truro UK

    Fast Shipping Good price Great Product

  47. Cameron T – Truro UK

    Fast Shipping Good price Great Product

  48. Carey Q – Missoula MT

    Few months ago I go introduce to Maximum GumRX. It stings a little when you first start using it but it goes away. Today I realized it did because it was killing the bacteria in my mouth. I decided to write this review because I just came from the dentist and I pass with flying colors.

  49. Madeline H – Lockerbie UK

    Never tried a liquid toothpaste before but I have to tell you GumRx open my eyes. It is fantastic! My gums appreciate your product.

  50. Austin Z – Leeds UK

    You will be thankful for life that you were introduce to Maximum Gumrx

  51. Connie G – Warrington UK

    Easy to use. Liquid toothpaste is awesome. Ravishing feeling of a healthy mouth.

  52. Tifanny S – Wexham UK

    I have receding gums but since I use Maximum GumRX my gums are healthy and my teeth are sparkling clean.

  53. Annabelle R – Southport UK

    I can not remember the last time my mouth felt this way! Thank you Maximum GumRX

  54. Cliff M – Dumfries UK

    Gumrx helps me live life to the fullest. No more pain.

  55. Dianne T – Chicago IL

    the staff is amazing. When you call customer service they are friendly and answer all your questions from toothbrush to the product.

  56. Cynthia V – Berkshire UK

    just plain Fantastic!

  57. Terri A – Limerick Ireland

    Do not worry about anything just brush and you will see the garbage that comes out of your mouth when you brush with GumRX you will be amazed

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